for Microelectronic Rework
since 1986


"L" linear models are for rectangular packages with leads under 1/2" long, such as traditional hybrid circuits. Our standard D5L6 accommodates packages with sealed edges up to 6", the D5L8 up to 8". "L" fixtures are usually higher than others, with cutting room underneath for thicker lids.

"F" fiber models were developed to protect long fibers on optical packages. They are bigger, heavier machines because they offer more clearance around the worktable, and can handle longer package tubes and other extensions. "F" fixtures are lower profile, so more package features will fit above them without modifications.

"R" rotary models have a motorized turntable, and use the proprietary de-lidder™ milling system to remove caps from round packages and headers. The D5R3 is a dedicated rotary machine, while the D5RT is a turntable module option which can be added to D5L models so one machine can do both rectangular and round parts.



Any common milling machine, belt sander or saw can eventually remove a package lid, but De-Lid processes require much more than that. Our trademark "de-lidder™" cleanroom-compatible systems remove lids while protecting your product from tool lubricants, particulates, heat, and vibration. and leave a reseal-ready machined surface without changing the finished package dimensions. Since the late 1980s, our de-lidder™ product line has been the world's first choice for hi-rel de-lid.

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