for Microelectronic Rework
since 1986

Understanding HGRS

Before the Midas Hot Gas Rework System, industry limited rework to max assembly temperatures. As packages became more thermally conductive, rework times stretched out resulting in poor yields. In 1988-89 Midas developed HGRS, the now-common high temp/short time approach. All our systems provide unmatched high temp performance, removing even large die in seconds, and so minimizing heat introduced into the device.

HGRS Models

The HGRS-V is a highly adaptable dual-jet "thermal workbench" with a comprehensive suite of circuit-protective features. It's the ideal solution for those facing a variety of rework tasks involving large die, eutectic attach, double-sided devices or other assemblies with tight thermal constraints.

The HGRS-1J is a compact, economical single-jet tool giving high temp performance without "the extras". This is a great solution for specific applications (thermal test, fiber attach, small die removal) and for labs needing more thermal performance than air heaters can provide.

The HS N2 Subsystem for the OEM market is used to add high speed, high temperature capabilities  to automated assembly equipment.


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